About Eye Learn's Leadership

A Detroit native, Sabrina Simmons graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1996. She was crafting a successful career as a project management team lead when her vision began to deteriorate in January 2012.

Determined to be self-sufficient, Sabrina enrolled at the Training Center for the Blind in Kalamazoo, MI. She learned skills and practices that would allow her to live the independent life to which she was accustomed. She also became proficient with a variety of tools designed to increase accessibility to technology for the visually impaired, including Jobs Access to Work Speech (JAWS) technology and Voice Over, an iOS screen reader. An entrepreneur and community servant at heart, Sabrina set out to help others by creating Eye Learn, an organization that trains persons with low vision in using assistive software and common technologies.

With a persistent sense of service to others, Sabrina proudly advocates for issues related to those with low vision to increase awareness of their existence, triumphs, and issues. She was featured in a public service announcement related to transportation services for those with disabilities. Sabrina has also risen through the ranks with the National Federation of the Blind, first as a board member and vice president of the local chapter and as a board member for the state affiliate. She currently serves as president of her local chapter, the largest in the state of Michigan.

When not running her business and serving her community, Sabrina spends time with her teenage son. She also enjoys ballroom dancing, water aerobics, and traveling in her spare time.